About Us

A little bit of history

Plastic Pipe Centre was established in 1994, a family business with high morals and integrity.

Starting out with just one production line and a limited range of polyethylene pipes, we have expanded our production lines and are capable of manufacturing a wide range of pipes from 10mm through to 125mm, with working pressure ratings ranging up to 2000Kpa.

We Recycle
Our company uses recycled materials, which we purchase from different suppliers - some materials are manufactured from common household items, such as plastic bags, jars and bottles - it then works it self from being thrown into the trash, to be collected by street people, for money or garbage collectors who then in tern sell it to recyclers, to be manufactured into plastic pellets which we melt down and produce a different plastic product. We try and be as echo-friendly as we can and also produce a proudly South African product.


Please know that under no circumstances will we revert to using sub-standard materials which costs less and produces a poor quality product and could cause a bad reputation for our company. You can be assured of our commitment to high standards and quality at all times.

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